I’m a creature of habit: I eat the same thing for lunch every single day. I always buckle my seat belt before I turn on the engine, and my morning routine is so set that you could set your watch by it. So you can imagine how flustered I was when I overslept this morning.
Traffic in this city is such that, if you leave even one minute later than usual it can take you 10 minutes longer to get to work. I was already feelin’ unlucky when it took a whole 15 minutes just to get out of my neighborhood. Then I get through my extra long traffic light (5 cycles of green, sheesh!) Being the routine oriented person that I am, I always pull into the left lane after this intersection but today I stayed in the right lane for absolutely no particular reason.
Down the road about a mile I hear that sickening screech of brakes, and crunch of cars. Twice. Directly parallel to my car there was a rather nasty fender bender which, I’m nearly certain would have involved me had I been driving in that lane today.
Some would say it was luck, some, Angels. Me, well maybe it’s a little of both.
I’m glad when I woke up late this morning though, that I decided it was time for a change.

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