When you take on big projects, you learn a little bit more about yourself. Like, for example, when I started my Master’s program, I questioned my strength to finish. When I decided to bake an Elmo cake for Andrew’s 2nd Birthday party, I questioned my patience, and when I decided to delete my entire old website and build a new one, I questioned my sanity. An in that very basic sense I guess you could say I now know I’m not a quiter, I have pretty decent patience and well, nope that doesn’t work. I’m still probably quite a lot crazy.

I’m a list maker. At any given time I have 5 or 6 greatly detailed and painstakingly organized lists that I’m working on. Before I got my new computer I used Outlook for Windows. I used to get annoyed by the red dates on the todo list. They were reminders of what I had not completed. And since I am T-1 Week until school starts again, I decided it’s fine time to start cracking those things off my list.

Not like I haven’t been busy this summer… what with tutoring, swimming lessons, trips to the zoo, traveling, play dates, keeping the house organized and chasing a toddler around… but I was going to be pretty upset if I got through the whole summer without crossing off at least one MAJOR thing. So here it is! My new site. Easier to update, more features, less crap that no one reads. I found a pretty neat program called Artisteer which allows you full control over the whole layout without having to mess with code. I figured, there’s no award for doing it fully by yourself and I would rather that it look nice.

And since I have this tendency to not sleep when I am working on a project, Me and my two hours of sleep last night are going to take a nap!


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