Countdown to Freedom

There are officially 32 and 2/2* days until summer vacation starts. For those of you sticking your tongues out at me for gloating, let me assure you that you would never want to leave you child with a teacher who did not have 2 months off during the summer. See, I love my students because of June and July and there is no way I could do my job year round. I would go insane and perhaps even bite.
That said, I have many plans for this summer to include sleeping and eating. See, I haven’t enjoyed a summer of nothing since the time I was around 8. This is because my overzealous self always felt compelled to enroll in summer art, music, math (don’t laugh) and various other nerdy activities.**
So this summer, i’m going to kick back and relax. Wake up and sit on my ass until I go to bed. Spend the day watching tv, reading books and lounging by the pool. I want my to do list to include getting dressed. Yup, that will be the life for me.
… for about 3 days.
…when I decide I need something to do.

*Two early dismissal (aka “Half Days)
** Except Driver’s Ed

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