Just Some Randomness

I was thinking that I hadn’t updated in quite a while which probably doesn’t much matter since I’m not so sure anyone reads this. It would be helpful if I gave out the address but ya know, you just can’t trust the sleeze balls on the web. I got to thinking what I should write about and the first thing that came to mind was the weather.
I know. How Boring!
It’s snowing madly in New Jersey right now and again i’m a bit unnerved at my own desire to partake in this winterness again. After fighting tooth and nail to get out of that particular hell I think regularly how beautiful the snow was and how much I enjoyed watching it.
*Note* I said watching, not shoveling, scraping, driving or going out in.
There was something so peaceful about watching the snow flakes fall and a complete and utterly childish giddiness to know it was coming.
But I’m here. And no, I know what you’re thinking: Make up your mind already! I’m happy here. But I still feel a thrill knowing that I had the courage to try that lifestyle even if just once. Even if for only a year. Slap me for being cheesy but there’s something empowering about knowing that I was doing something that I didn’t believe I could do. Everyone should have that, atleast once.


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