Why yes…

…as a matter of fact, I did pass my teacher certification tests! Thanks for asking 🙂
Granted, a fairly adept 6th grader could have passed one of them but the other two were reasonably challenging, and arguably tough. But this post isn’t about gloating. I’d hate for you to think I’ve gotten myself a big head.
Actually, I think it’s commendable that there is some intellect involved in becoming a teacher. Let’s face it, for a while there it seemed like they were letting people become teachers by virtue of the fact they could add 2+2, sign their names and remain awake for the vast part of a school day. I had a couple of teachers in my schooling who could not have had triple digit IQ’s. Unfortunantly, it was brutally apparent in their teaching, as 3rd graders really shouldn’t be correcting the teacher.
So now that i’ve got my teacher tests behind me you’d think I was finally certified, right? Wrong. Those lovely people in the capital want to see how many hoops people will jump through before that little piece of paper arrives in the mail. And they wonder why there’s a 14,000 teacher shortage in the state. That’s okay though. I don’t really mind waiting. In the mean time I’ll relish in the fact that I finally have a job that trained monkeys wouldn’t be able to do.
Which is more than I can say for Pottery Barn.
Though I still miss my discount.

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