Perfect Vision

I just got back from the eye doctor and since I had my eyes dilated I can’t see a damn thing. Not even this post really, so forgive any errors, I’ll go back and correct them tomorrow.
I can’t stand having drops put in my eyes, especially when they make me nearly blind… and don’t even get me started on the whole driving home part. Yikes.
Its ironic then (and as you well know, I love irony) that today I had one of those teacher moments of clarity. I’m sure its not just for teachers, it comes at any point in your life where you feel like you’ve just experienced something that you’ll never forget. It will be one of those things that you tell your grand kids about and they’ll look at you funny and say “Grandma, not this story again!” Actually its one of those moments that you can’t exactly explain and even other witnesses didn’t quite experience it in the same way as you. I’m making sense right? Probably not.
So I was watching some of my students sing and dance for our big fundraiser dinner which is tomorrow night. It was sometime part way through “Love in Any Language” while i’m watching my kids who struggle through every aspect of their schooling, sing the word “Love” in half a dozen different languages. And not just sing like “oh they’re cute because they’re little kids but Simon would have a fit” No, these kids can sing! And as has happened a number of times over the last year I sat there and realized how powerful it can be knowing that i’m a part of their life. And no, not the other way around. I felt this overwhealming sense of privledge just to be there. After the last few weeks i’ve had, I really needed that. Just as my drive was fading, I could clearly see everything before me.
Now, if only I could just see the keyboard.

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