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I’m typically not a big fan of commercials. It is always frustrating to me when the show you’re watching is just getting really good and you have to break for 3 minutes. Then there are shows like Oprah that are nice enough to give you all your commercial free time up front only to slap you with a commercial every 30 seconds towards the end of the show. And as far as bathroom breaks go, well thats what TiVo’s pause button is for.
But as you’ll notice above, I said i’m not typically a fan. I do have exceptions. I will always stop to watch a Publix commercial. Those of you who don’t live in the southeast have no idea what you’re missing with this grocery chain. Sure I get my food there but it’s the commercials that are the best. I’ve been known to, on occassion, get teary eyed just by watching them. The latest for valentines day is about a little boy who asks his mother to help him make a cake from scratch that is shaped like a heart. He acts like it’s for a girl at school but it turns out the cake is for his mother. It’s the sweetest thing ever. Then there’s the one about the old couple who makes all this wonderful, tasty looking food for the young couple that just moved in across the street. It makes you want to go out and buy whatever they’re selling. Yeah. Bring on the Publix commercials, leave all the other ones for the shows I don’t watch.

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5 thoughts on “TV Commercials

  1. Kerry

    I’m glad you like the Publix commercial. The little boy in it, is as sweet in real life as he seems on the commercial. I know, I’m his mother, he’s my son Zach. He’s also the boy in the Cingular commercial who uses his cell phone at the loooong table. “Can you ask someone to pass the gravy?”
    We live in LA so I didn’t get to see the Publix commercial until recently. It is going to air during mother’s day, because of the popular feedback. Here’s a link to the commercial if anyone is interested:
    Regards, Kerry

  2. Kerry

    It seems my last post may not have posted. To rehash, the boy in the Publix commercial is my son Zach. We live in LA where the commercial was filmed. I’m glad you like it. We didn’t get to view it until recently. I posted the link. You need Quicktime. Regards, Kerry

  3. chris

    great commercial. my dad told me about it and before he could finish was tears about it. he is not one to cry and once i saw it, man the tears welled up.

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