On to Lenten Resolutions

Just for the sake of continuity…
I posted this yesterday afternoon mere hours before I deleated everything accidently. I figure few if any people saw it. I realize that you could indeed live your life fully without ever knowing what I decided to sacrifice for the next 40 days (oops, 39) but I decided to post anyway.
I’ve given up many different things over the years. Usually your typical boring things: Iced tea, cookies, soda, last year it was Molten Chocolate Cake (that was extremely tough but I’m pleased to say I did not cheat thankyouverymuch!)
This year I have decided to give up worrying Thank you Bonnie.
You’re laughing arn’t you?
Well I suppose thats fair, If you know me you realize its probably impossible. Of course unlike the other things i’ve given up in the past, It will be tough not because i enjoy doing it, but because its just part of my personality.
We’ll see how things go.
I managed to delete half my website and wasn’t all that upset over it. Maybe this is the *new me*!
Ha 🙂

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