Summer Again

A year ago my life was so different. It’s hard to imagine that I’m still living the same lifetime as I was back then.

Tomorrow, school gets out. I am sad to see these students go. They are a great bunch. It figures that one of the best bunches in years would come along on a year when I was only working for half the time.
Funny, the day before the FIRST day of school I gave birth. I’m hopefuly nothing so exciting happens today, the day before the last day of school. This year can be measured in student growth AND Andrew growth. One school year = an increase of 10 inches and an increase of 15 pounds, 8 teeth, rolling, sitting, scootching, creeping, crawling, pulling to standing, singing, playing and talking. It equals 9.5 months of the most intense love I have ever felt for a human being. It also equals the most trying, stressful, exhausting time of my life. So you may be able to see (or are a parent yourself and fully understand) why this year has felt like several lifetimes.

But as I think back over the year I think back to last summer, too. Ah last summer. Such a bizzare eclipse of time, a strange inbetween, a pause button pressed– the old me and the new me. Loneliness, solitude, monotony, growth. That was my last summer. Except for my one bright spot– my student, my tutoree.

Honestly, I owe my sanity to my dear sweet student S, without whom, I may have simply lost my mind last year. As weeks passed I spent my days sitting at my computer doing school work, 8, 10, sometimes 12 hours a day. I had gigantic swollen feet to show for my many hours of sitting. I left my house to tutor and to go to doctor’s appointments, neither of which caused me to actually leave the neighborhood. I grew to welcome the company of this kind and gentle 14 year old, who always made me smile no matter how hot, tired and uncomfortable I felt. I think I will always associate the start of this life changing year with her.

And this coming summer couldn’t be more different. I doubt I’ll be doing much sitting with Andrew around and I plan to leave my neighborhood more than once a week! While this summer may not end with the birth of a child, I hope that it is still the start of new and wonderful things! Here’s to new experiences, excitement, love and family. Here’s to summer!

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