It’s Been A While

I’d like to say there’s no excuse for going so long without updating but I have several very good excuses, to include moving into a house and working to make it pretty. Yes, for the last 2 weeks I have moved all of my belongings (in a mostly haphazard way) and then painted most of the house, decorated, unpacked, cleaned and organized everything. I absolutely love the new place. It’s fantastic! Totally worth the 9 month wait too. The cats are also enjoying themselves, working to spread their fur to every square inch of previously uncatified space.
But it is my goal in this minute section of cyberspace to spread my insight and vast, all- encompassing knowledge to those who read it and so I will take the next few lines to spout off about the following topic:
Why painting stripes in a bathroom is a terrible idea. By: Me
Using blue painters tape to block of strips of white wall space while painting the remaining sections blue seemed like a fairly simple way to add some nice character to the small half bath. So one evening I went to Target and purchased said tape (the two inch variety.) I went on to move the step ladder into the bathroom only to find that I’d need to be a foot taller to reach the cealing. My fears confirmed, I went to retrieve the taller ladder which did not fit well in the bathroom but I managed. Next I worked to hang one strip of tape from the cealing to the floor using an insufficiently small level to achieve straightness. Sweating and cursing I completed the first strip about 20 minutes later. Next came the tough part: hanging the second piece of tape exactly 8 inches away from the first one. I’m proud to say that after one hour of work I had two blue pieces of tape hanging on my bathroom wall. I began to wonder if it was entirely worth my sanity.
Being the non-quitter that I am, I continued the process so that in approximately 4 hours I had hung tape on all of the roughly 20 feet of wall. Then I figured, I might as well start painting.
The painting, i’m happy to say, was much easier than the tape hanging minus the part where I had to lay on my stomach and become very intimate with the toilet as I painted behind it and around the pipe thingies. Then of course there was the dreaded ladder again which allowed me to paint the very top part of the walls. By the time I was done most of the floor and baseboards were covered in blue. Thank goodness for touch up paints.
I’m proud to say that after more than 9 hours I completed the project and now feel ill every time I have to look at the room because it was such a damn pain in my ass to complete. If you ever come visit me, it would be in your best interest to comment on the fact that my little blue and white striped bathroom is the cutest bathroom you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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