Baby Proofing

Ah the joys of having children!

The baby proofing adventure has been a fun one because really all baby proofing is, is trying to see which dangerous things attract your child and then removing it or blocking it off. There is also the alternative “baby jail” which would not work in my house because Andrew is not even pleased with his relatively large 3 rooms of confined space.

So I went looking for cabinet latches. For you non parents out there, these are the things that keep cabinets and drawers closed until your baby outsmarts you and figures out how to open them anyway. The price of such a contraption ranges from less than a dollar to close to $10 per latch.

There I was standing in the baby proofing aisle at Baby’s R Us and scratching my head over what to get. Back in the day, my mom had the little plastic things that you push down to open the cabinet. Annoying but you get used to them. Then, my sister in law gave us some of the magnetic (ie: expensive) kind left over from when my nephew was too young not to know he shouldn’t drink windex and stuff like that. I was tempted to buy more magnetic ones but decided in the end that the 7 pack of plastic ones for less than $3 was the way to go for our budget.

Fast forward to this morning when I tripped over a pacifier that one of the cats had taken out of the sink and dragged across the house. I realized that this was not a rare occurrence and that on a daily basis the cats move and hide things (like my glasses, or keys, or items of food left on the counter). Good thing I don’t need a special magnetic key to open my cabinets or I fear all my toilet paper, toothpaste and household bleach would be locked away in a bizzare time capsule for the rest of all eternity.

So when you’re off searching the aisles for ways to latch your doors, toilets, cabinets, and closets shut and out of the grasp of little hands, just think about what little paws can also do to make your life a little more difficult.

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