It’s The Little Things

It isn’t every day that getting through the day is an accomplishment but when you are suddenly a mom, a working mom and a single mom all at once you start to feel like superwoman as well.
Yes A. is out of town and I went back to work last week which means that instead of just getting myself out the door and to work I now have to wake, dress, and feed Andrew then drop him off with my Grandparents and get to work all before 7:30.

It took me a good week of mental preparation and then about an hour of physical prep Sunday night to get things ready but Monday went off without a hitch and Tuesday went okay except that I forgot his reflux medication this morning (oops).

Not only that but my kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, the living room is clean and organized, I’m ready for work, clothes are laid out for tomorrow and lunch is packed. Seriously, maybe I AM superwoman!

I can do all this? Bring on the economy, peace in the Middle East, global warming. I CAN DO IT!

Nah, even after all that, I’m not doing anything that millions of woman haven’t done before me and will continue to do for all eternity. I’m not a superwoman. Don’t call it anything but what it really is.

I am a Mom 🙂


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