Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

As I write this it’s exactly 26 hours and 6 minutes until Christmas.

I haven’t been so excited since I was about 10.

Last year around mid November I was out shopping for Christmas gifts when I got to the people on my list I was dreading buying for– little people. Children of my friends. My nephew. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get them something but it was tough wandering through the aisles of toys and thinking that I might never get to buy a gift for a child of my own. I think that’s why this year I’ve been so excited to buy things for Andrew– because I thought I might never have the opportunity.

I know he’s only 4 months old and won’t remember this first Christmas but I know it’s one I will never forget. And even though he won’t be able to unwrap his gifts I hope someday he is able to realize, even a small bit, just how much of a gift he is to me.

And so before I get totally sappy and pathetic I’ll go back to counting down the hours and minutes until my baby’s first Christmas and hoping that they are all as special as this one.

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