Everything Old is New.

Back in December of 2004 I was a 24 year old, fairly newly married wife of an Air Force Lieutenant who lived in Florida as a teacher while my husband traveled the world stationed out of New Jersey. That year, shortly after Christmas, we went up to New Jersey to spend the rest of my holiday break together before I had to go back to teaching and he had to return to saving the world.

Of course he had to work during the day and I was left with not much to do in his apartment in a city and state where I knew literally no one else. With icy roads and cold weather I had no interest in going out exploring- after all, I had lived up there with him for a year and knew what was out there- so I stayed tucked away in the apartment.

I had wanted to learn web design. I didn’t want it as a career, just a hobby. It was one of those elusive things that I didn’t understand but wanted to. So I used those endless, boring, lonely hours to figure it out and so this site was born. In that time, I think blogging was new-ish. Now it seems we are past the time of blogs and have moved steadily onward to videos instead. That’s fine. But it’s not my thing and now, significantly older and with less time on my hands, not something I’m interesting in learning how to do.

And frankly since it’s been almost 3 years since this has been updated I guess I don’t have much time for blogging either.

I got a notice from my hosting company that I needed to do some updates or the site would cease to exist. I figured this was probably the end of the road for this space because I didn’t have the patience or time to solve the unknown problem but one day last week, I sat at my computer and worked until I DID figure it out. And so breathing new life into the site, I figured I’d better write something to make use of the time I spent.

By no means does this come close to documenting our lives over the last 18 years but it feels like a significant enough part of me that it’s too hard to let it go. So here it is. What’s old is new again.

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