Christmas Pictures

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took your picture for Christmas cards? Well I do. Of course I was perfect and always smilied beautifully and never gave my parents an ounce of trouble (I’m lying). But my behavior was nothing, nothing compared to how my brothers behaved. Funny enough, even at the age of 23 one brother still acts like a goof when the camera comes out.

Thankfully, Andrew behaves much better than they did which led me to an altogether different problem. My parents would shoot a whole roll of film hoping and praying that one photo would be good enough to send out to all the relatives. Then after seeing the first roll they would make us get dressed up a second time to take a second roll and pray really hard that this time there actually would be a picture that was good enough. A good enough picture was one in which no one was picking their nose, hitting a sibling, puking, blinking, grinning a stupid grin or screaming their head off. So it may be easy to see why I initially had some misgivings about taking Andrew’s Christmas photos. Well back to the problem. I took 90 digital pictures (thank God for digital, if only they had that back in the day). I ended up with nine, yes NINE photos that I loved so much that I could not decide. The people of whom I asked their opinions also were rather mixed. Mom loved one, friends loved another A. loved a different one and then there was my choice which ultimately made the final cut because hell, I took them, edited them and ordered the damn cards so why on earth would I not get the final say? So here it is, my baby’s first Christmas picture!

And the runners up…

And just for the sake of mommy-ness (yes, I made that word up) I’m posting this one because its the one and only occassion where I believe he looks more like me than his daddy.
Andrew looks like Mommy

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures

  1. -shawna-

    I am SO glad you are blogging again! I owe a lot of my sanity towards the end of the year to you. Thanks for being a wonderful friend! Oh, and your pick of the pics was the BEST choice, by far!!

  2. Tori

    I second Shawn….about the blogging and GREAT CHOICE!! So lucky you had so many to pick from AND that you have so many GREAT captured memories!!! What a blessing he must be!


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