Giving Up Shopping for Lent | Update 4

Well it’s been over a month since I started this endeavor. I confess I did fall of the wagon so to speak, just a little bit, last week. As my husband joked, yeah, you really went to town there! I got a fantastic coupon for school uniforms which have to be purchased regardless so it seemed foolish to waste that. So those have been ordered. I also purchased a baby shower gift for a dear friend and I bought a lighting transformer because my dad is helping us install landscape lighting and that was the only thing keeping us from moving forward. I took my mom to the mall this weekend but bought nothing myself. On the same trip I took the kids to Toys R Us to use up their gift cards because there is varying information on whether or not the stores are closing and it also seemed foolish to take chances on losing the money so off we went. So, frivolous? No, but shopping nonetheless. I have still not stepped foot in a Target store in over a month and I find myself really looking forward to going to one again. I think over this last month I have realized that truly not shopping at all is next to impossible because things just pop up that you can’t predict however, I do like the look of my bank account at the moment which has had so few transactions that I have to open it to the 30 day view to see anything. That’s pretty cool!

Today I did a planned shopping trip for bread, milk, and coffee creamer. I knew we’d need to do that eventually. The sort of frustrating thing is that we have yet to come close to using up all the food in our pantry or deep freezer. I really wanted to clear those things out. I think one way or the other I’m going to make sure we finish that stuff even if Lent is over.

Until next time!!

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