Giving Up Shopping for Lent | Update 2

Well accountability in this form sure is a powerful motivator!

This week continued to go well as far as shopping goes but I did have to make an exception. I went ahead and bought more carpet cleaning solution for our machine. Most everyone in our house suffers from allergies and I felt that it was more important to get the carpets cleaned now than wait it out for another month just for the sake of avoiding a purchase. So Amazon came to the rescue (which was actually helpful since I didn’t have to enter a store) and our carpets are freshly shampooed and definitely cleaner. I’ll chalk it up as a medical necessity.

Along the same lines, I will be making a stop tomorrow to get more allergy medicine since I ran out and being a functional adult is definitely a necessity as well.

We are still nowhere close to running out of food. The kids have wasted some things that infuriated me and it hasn’t hit them yet that those crackers they spilled all over the floor are a snack they won’t be having later. I want this to be an effective motivator against waste but so far it hasn’t made a difference. On the other hand, I love seeing the pantry clear out a little and we definitely ate some things that would have otherwise continued sitting on the shelf until they expired.

This was weekend number two of no grocery list making, no shopping, no food unloading and having that time back in my weekend is spoiling me.

So there you have it, total purchases so far = 1 for carpet cleaner. Browsing is way down as well. I use it as a time filler and it’s as much a waste of time as spilling a sleeve of crackers is a waste of food. This week I expect to need to purchase the allergy medicine and the salt for the water softener. So far so good.

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