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You’ve missed me? Aw how sweet. Through an unusual set of circumstances I have taken a leave of absence from the site. Actually the circumstances are not all that unusual, it’s mostly just the timing. Aside from becoming pregnant (not a surprise) and being exhausted beyond all measure, I have also been working on a graduate degree (more $$ in the pay check for the baby!). And in all the time I’ve spent away from THIS blog, you’ll never believe what this current class has me doing 3 times a week. Aw well I knew you were a smart bunch, you guessed it! Blogging. And well, to tell you the truth I thought I wouldn’t like it knowing how well I keep up with this one but so far it has been really interesting and I’m not just saying that because my professor has a link to this site. Nah I’ve come across all sorts of random interesting things. Sure I can’t use half it of for school but I can certainly come use it here…. should I find the time in the next 18 years and 5 months. I had to come over here because something I came across today excited me. I found this website that evaluates the readability of one’s blog. (Essentially, *some* blogs offer a much more challenging reading level than your average newspaper which peaks at around the 8th grade level.) I was pleased to note that this blog received the following rating.
blog readability test
So, if you think I’m off my rocker when you read my blog, maybe it’s just because you’re not a genius! Don’t blame me, I’m just doing my part to keep the standards of America higher than your average newspaper.

I promise to try to write again before this child turns 2.

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