Did I mention…

I got a new furbaby?!

Yeah she’s already about 6 months old but that’s what happens when you get really busy with life… you forget to update your website for months at a time. I almost forgot I had this thing but I got a bill in the mail for my webspace and thought, “oh yeah”. That makes me wonder what other things I’ve forgotten about. I think I’ll go look through my closet and see if there are any shoes or purses that I didn’t know I had…
Anyway, here’s Lily 🙂


She’s about twice the size now. She got spayed today too. Poor baby. Of all random things, it turns out my furry little girl had a uterine horn aplasia which basically means that her left ovary wasn’t attached to her uterus. She’ll be fine. All that really means is that I just spent $250 getting my already infertile cat fixed.

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