Project 52 | Lesson 10

Lesson 10

I posted this yesterday on Facebook but I just love it so much I felt like I wanted to write about it a little bit. I think this lesson will be “Be True To Yourself”.

I know that lesson is yet another despised cliche but it gets the point across. I also want to add this– as you grow you will encounter times in your life where you want to let yourself be boxed in to a certain cliche: you’re a jock, a prep, a whatever. But there is more to life than neat little boxes. I’m not saying it’s easy to break out and be yourself without the title, especially as you enter middle and high school but allow yourself to be more than just one stereotype because right now I already know you are so much more than that.

I look at this picture and I see my three precious children and I feel that I’ve known each of you even before you were born. Andrew I had a sense that you would be both rough and tumble and gentle hearted. I knew you would be kind and inquisitive. I knew you would be strong- both body and mind (I knew you were strong when you kicked me so much in the womb!) See, you’re not one thing you’re ALL those things! In this picture I see a loving boy who adores his little sisters, who shows patience and eagerness to help them grow and learn. I see someone who is both gentle and fiercely protective. I am so proud of who you are, Andrew. I am forever in awe of the gift that you are to our family.

Allison I see you and think about how you are the one who got everyone involved in the picture taking because you were not satisfied to let Molly steal all the thunder. You were patient as you waited for me to snap a few quick 7 month shots and were then thrilled for your chance to be in the pictures. I didn’t have to ask everyone to smile, you started tickling because you love nothing more than when everyone is laughing. I love your giggles, they are the most beautiful music. When I was pregnant with you, Allison, anytime the Katy Perry song “Firework” came on the radio you started kicking. I think you were trying to tell me something. I knew you were going to be a free spirit and you are indeed! I love your expressive little big voice, the way you use your whole body to tell a story, your smile and your sense of adventure. I love that you love your siblings with every ounce of your being. They are so lucky to have you as their sister.

Finally, Miss Molly, I don’t know you as well yet and I worried during my pregnancy that you might be a sad little girl but my prayers were answered and you are not. In fact you are probably the happiest baby I’ve ever personally met! You share smiles willingly and I get this sense that you are laid back and calm which I appreciate because I’m not sure how much more action this house can take! You will make your own niche in our family though I think perhaps you will do it more quietly than your siblings. You are observant yet curious. You are sweet and loving. You are so many things and I can’t wait to watch you grow. You’ve only been here 7 months but it only took me 7 seconds to know you were exactly who our family needed.

You see? You are amazing as individuals and you are amazing together. In the years to come you will grow and become teenagers and you will be focused on school and friendships and jobs and college and you may forget all the things that you are. You will grow, yes. You will change some too. You will undoubtedly add many times over to the list of things I love about each of you. But at the root of your essence you are these things. They are a part of you always. I’m putting this out there for all the world to read and know so that some day, when you didn’t even realize you needed to hear it, you will be able to see this.

Love, Mommy

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