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Office Depot Rebates

If you have submitted a rebate to Office Depot and have not received it, try emailing their customer service center.

I submitted a rebate last December. The website showed that it had been received and it was waiting for approval. The form said I would received the rebate 6-8 weeks after it was submitted.

After 6 months of waiting I contacted the service center and they said they would mail it to me in 7 business days.

I received the rebate Saturday after more than 6 months of wait. The check was mysteriously not like other rebates I have received. It did not say “Rebate” anywhere on the form.

It is my belief that Office Depot holds rebates in the hope that people will forget they ever submitted them and then does not pay until someone requests it. If this is the case then that’s a pretty damn crappy thing to do. If you’re owed a rebate, ask for it, then stop shopping at stores that make it impossible to get the money they promised you.

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