Project 52 | Lesson 6

Lesson 6

This one is pretty simple– like what you want to like. Be who you are. Don’t let anyone change that or persuade you to be someone else because we love you as you.

My little girl– pink dress, purple leggings, headband (removed for nap), 6 blankets– all pink or purple dot minky, one Hello Kitty blanket, and her dolls. Oh yes, and her blue truck that used to be Andrew’s. The truck was the thing we could not take a nap without today, the thing we couldn’t leave the house without yesterday. Who says trucks are for boys? Don’t tell Allison that! In fact, don’t tell any of my kids what they are allowed to like or play with and don’t try to push antiquated gender stereotypes on my kids because unless it poses a danger to their health it surely won’t bother me.

So keep on loving what you love my dear children, that’s what makes life sweet 🙂

Love, Mommy

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