Ocean Thougths

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted but not for lack of thoughtful ideas. I spent the last week on the Atlantic coast with my family, memorized by the intensity of the ocean mere yards from my bed each night. I spent the days trying to find the right words.

In the first moment my feet touched the shallow waters along the shore, I felt hypnotized and peaceful. Swept up in the endless horizon and mellowed by the reassuring rhythm of the waves.
The Ocean is an old friend, so familiar yet ever changing.
The Ocean remembers. It laps at my feet and makes my heart flutter. It has the mystical power to transport me back to the seven year old child who learned what it meant to be fearless, diving head first into the mighty waves.
The Ocean soothes. It heals old wounds and provides comfort in its ceaseless pounding.
The Ocean teaches. It reminds us that its power has been felt since the beginning of time, and will continue long after we are gone.
The Ocean ignores. It is not aware of dishonesty, hatred, selfishness or blame. It knows not the trials of the inhabitants of whom is shares this earth.
The Ocean inspires. It thrashes forward with a power unchangeable by any mortal man. It represents boundless faith.
The Ocean creates. It touches each of us, making us feel small yet mighty. We are who we have become because of it.
And finally, the ocean waits. It waits until the next sultry summer, the next space of time, when it will wash over me once again.

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