Project 52 | Lesson 5

Lesson 5

Confession #1: I just really wasn’t feelin’ the blackboard look. It’s super cute in a lot of places but I just couldn’t get into it. I decided to go to the other end of the spectrum and go very simple and focus more on getting the picture done. Confession #2: I didn’t do a picture last week. I decided I’m not going to stress when I miss a week because really, are you unable to sleep at night waiting for it? Yeah I didn’t think so (If you answered yes please let me know so I can get a restraining order!)

Now my Lesson today is actually a nod to Valentines Day which I have always greatly despised. I confess (I guess that’s #3) that even after going to church my entire life, and teaching in a Catholic school for 8 years (give me a break here, I didn’t teach religion), I never knew the story of St. Valentine or really gave it much thought. Last week at Andrew’s Sunday School class which actually meets once a month with parents and kids together, the instructor told the story of St. Valentine. Now there’s actually a lot of mystery about the subject but basically there are a few ideas about who St. Valentine was and rather than write you a research paper on the subject, I’ll send you to this site so you can read it for yourself. Interesting huh? So I thought, wow you know what? Valentine’s Day is a little more palatable when you think about it like that rather than a commercialized holiday made to sell chocolate and roses and to make single people feel like shit.

And I figured it made a decent enough lesson for my project here.

So Lesson 5 is: Love Your Siblings Always

Dear Kiddos,

There is no one on earth who shares more genetic material than the three of you share with each other. You are each others’ closest links. Think about that for a moment (or 12) as I did when my mom told me the same thing years and years ago. Someday, I know you don’t want to think about it right now, but Mommy and Daddy will be gone and your ties to your family will be each other. I’m glad you have that.

When Allison was born I was worried about how that would change our family of three and when Molly was born I had the same fears but I am grateful every day for how much you love each other and how you are each others’ best friends. I know there will be times you want your own space, you don’t want to share, you want just Mommy or Daddy all to yourselves. I know you will get on each others’ nerves. It’s only natural. But I hope you will always love each other the way you do now. No matter what happens I never want you to lose the bond you share both genetically and as best buddies and that love, at the end of the day, is what makes all this worth it.

Love, Mommy


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