Life 101 | Lesson 4

Lesson 4

Compromise. Ah such an important word. Something so lacking in our society these days. But I have hope for you, my children, and for the other young people in your generation. I have hope that you’ll do a better job of this than we are right now. I have hope every time I hear you talk, Andrew, about the things you are learning in school– open mindedness, empathy, caring, understanding. These are just a few of the lessons you are learning there that mirror our values at home. So while right now I know it doesn’t seem like much fun to compromise with each other all the time, it’s a lesson I hope you learn, or, well, continue to work on because there are few things more important that this.

In other news, Allison has been experiencing joint pain in her legs and sometimes in her arms. It was usually accompanied by a request to be carried and since it started right after Molly was born I kinda ignored it for a little while and hoped that by holding her and carrying her as much as possible she would realize she hadn’t been replaced. But as time has gone on she has shown no animosity or jealousy towards her sister but the pain continues. Well we’re addressing it with the doctor and they will do some tests to see if we can’t figure out what’s going on but she said even for a 2 year old, she’s very flexible and she suspects that Allison is just over extending her joints without even realizing it. This is often how she sits to watch TV (not necessarily with her toes pointed but she’d just come from gymnastics this morning when I took this). Sometimes she puts her belly on the floor and props herself up with her elbows. I usually watch TV in a perfect split too— (yeah, right!) And in typical two year old fashion the more I suggest she not do it the more she wants to. But I guess it made for a good photo this week 🙂

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