Random Tangent

So my cats have to eat this special food because Rosie is prone to kidney stones and after the 3rd (very costly) emergency vet visit in as many years, we decided to put her and thus Sam on this lovely $40 for an 18 lb bag perscription diet food that I have to special order 6 weeks in advance and drive across town to get. Well somehow lovebugs have found a way to get into our bathroom. Don’t ask me how, no other bugs come in but the cats think this is the greatest thing ever– interactive food. Not that they have a clue how to hunt. I’ve watched them yawn as an ant walks past them or turn their nose up at a gnat in the room. But the damn cats are EATING the lovebugs which is just gross on so many levels. They leave their little legs behind though so every day I get home from work and have to clean up lovebug legs off the floor of the bathroom. In the mean time they seem to be more attracted to their bug snacks than their obscenely expensive cat food. Somehow I don’t think they would respond to the “starving children in Africa” arguement. Luckily the lovebug season is almost over. Poor things will have to go back to eating like royalty.

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