Life 101 | Lesson 3

Lesson 3

Embrace every moment. This is a hard thing to do because there are some moments in life you won’t want to embrace. In fact there are times you will want to forget them completely. But the important thing is this: love with all your heart. Embrace the present. Forgive freely. Don’t hold on to anger. Life is too short to spend it upset with others. Forgive again even when you don’t want to. Tell your loved ones you love them. Don’t take a single moment for granted because you never know what the future holds. You will find it’s not always the big things that you will look back and remember fondly. More often than not it’s the little moments that make life sweet.

A frigid Florida morning. A bike ride on a beautiful trail. Starbucks hot chocolate and a blueberry scone. We did the same almost exactly a year ago when there were just 4 of us, 4 and a tiny microscopic version of Molly (and her twin). We haven’t been bike riding since for fairly obvious reasons. Today was the day. We could have waited yes. Another time the weather may have been warmer but there’s waiting for perfect and there’s living in the moment and sometimes when you are really lucky that moment becomes perfect. What more could you ask for?


Photo: iPhone. Cropped to landscape. No additional adjustments.

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