Life 101 | Lesson 1

I guess you could say it’s in my blood. Teaching that is. I grew up the daughter of a teacher and my kids are growing up the son and daughters of a teacher now too. Just because I’m not actively employed as an educator doesn’t mean I ever put away my teacher voice. All my teacher friends out there can understand what I mean when I say I really can’t possibly help it. So my kids attend (and love to pieces) their traditional schools but they are, for all intents and purposes, homeschooled too. How could it be any other way?

This year’s project is two fold hence the “Lesson” theme. First and foremost I’m capturing the year in pictures which is a wonderful way to get all of Molly’s firsts as well as trying to come up with a cute way to explore the things I want my kids to learn and appreciate about growing up.

The second aspect is for me and it needs a little explanation. I took a traditional black and white photography class when I lived in New Jersey where I learned how to develop film among other things. I also took a Master’s level digital photography course while getting my M.Ed. that explored how you could use digital photography to help educate an increasingly visual population of students. But that’s really it. And I want to do better. I want to keep growing as a photographer so I bought a couple of books and I am working on reading my camera manual from cover to cover. Each time I try something new for my picture I’ll make note of it.

And so without further ado, my Project 52 for 2014—Life 101: A Guide to Growing Up

Lesson 1

My Dearest Children,

I won’t tell you life will always be easy—it won’t be. I won’t tell you I can fix everything either, much though I’d love to try it’s better for you if I don’t even when I can. But I can assure you one thing. No matter what you encounter in your lives, my arms are always open and whatever you are facing we will face it together.

Love, Mommy

Image: Tripod with Remote | f 1.4 1/15

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