Memo to TV

Attention Network Television Executives:

I have stopped watching your TV shows.

What do I care? You ask.

Well, it’s true, we are just one household. You’ve got millions. But we are your most perfect demographic—the one that gets the most advertising dollars out there and we are not alone. Chat around the lunch table used to frequently consist of discussion of network shows.
But not anymore.
Not since you’ve decided to sell out the truly great shows out there and replace them with cheap to make “reality” TV and/or prime time game shows. Could you at least make an attempt here? I mean seriously. Why don’t you run these ideas by some normal people? Who out there thought Identity was a good idea? Shouldn’t the title really be “Stereotype”?
And then let’s discuss American Idol which is increasingly becoming a laughing stock. Is it a set up or are you just that stupid?
Allow me also, a moment to mourn the few truly terrific shows you had on the air: American Dreams, The West Wing, Studio 60. The old ER. (You know, before it jumped the shark.) Even your sports broadcasting is a mess—no sound during the SEC Championship. Poor feed during the NCAA Tournament. You seriously expect people to just sit back and take it?
Well not this viewer. There are hundreds of stations out there and I’m just here to say that if you run NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox I will no longer be watching your stations. (Oh wait, I wasn’t watching Fox anyway.)
Bring back the shows with substance, with witty dialogue, integrity and emotion. Bring back the thought provoking dramas and the hilarious comedies. Ditch the crap.
I’m done.

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